shen shi pu ti shu

xin ru ming jing tai

shi shi qin fu shi

wu shi ruo chen ai
histoire de Hui-Neng pu ti ben wu shu

ming jing yi fei tai

ben lai wu yi wu

he chu ruo chen ai

Notre corps est un arbre,
Il faut bien l'arroser,
Notre esprit, un miroir,
Il faut l'épousseter.
Comment arroser l'arbre,
Ne sachant où il pousse,
Comment épousseter
L'intérieur du reflet ?
Epoussetez cet arbre,
Arrosez ce miroir,
La loi suprême existe,
Tu as marché dedans.
Our body is a tree
Which has to be watered;
Our spirit, a mirror,
Which one should keep polished.
How do you water trees,
Not knowing where they grow?
And how can you polish
All the things reflected?
Keep polishing the tree,
Save the mirror from drought;
There is a primal truth
Sticking under your foot.

notre corps is a tree