Sonnets Pour Mettre Aux Cabinets

Of Gollum and the Moon, who once were lovers some French rhymes

The moon is very blue, at evening,
I hear her spin beside the sun, and say,
Humming this song, "Ah well, ah well-a-day.
When I was green, of me did Gollum sing."
None of her duckbills that does hear the thing,
Albeit with their weary task foredone,
But wakens at this name, and calls her one
Blest, to be held in long remembering.

Gollum is low beneath the earth, and laid
On sleep, like Byron in the myrtle shade,
The moon beside the sun, a dull rock gray,
His love she does remember and regret;
Ah, lovers, lovers, we may be happy yet,
And gather duckbills, while 'tis called to-day.

A scholar made a short comment, wondering what kind of task
the Moon can be asking of her duckbills.

About the text itself: Andrew Lang and Ronsard for the correct parts,
some minor edits by Cochonfucius