The Dark One

un instrument parle

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I am Cromwell the Dark

I am Cromwell the Dark, and I control
Aquitaine's old camel and the lost shrew.
But my Memory is dead, my star-struck head
Brings King Gontran somber Melancholy.
By opening a barrel, the King saved me,
It was in Paris, Avenue d'Italie,
Plonk is what pleases my destroyed soul,
While the camel with the shrew does dally.
Am I Cochonfucius ? Am I quite drunk ?
My eyes are lost in the Queen's dark green ones,
My head resounds with the howling of monsters.
I see the camel-shrew waiting for food,

   And I can see the cook bringing a plate
   Of fried fish here, and a cup of coffee.

A scholar made a short comment.

I was recently discussing such matters with Queen Delphine. Parisian bars in the Avenue d'Italie are no longer fashionable. Best stay in Cluny, as I told you, already.